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Chiropractic Management
of Visceral Conditions "2015 EDITION"

Why Is AMC Doing Free Continuing Education?

AMC is committed to preserving the true philosophy of chiropractic and improving the image of the profession. Through the AMC Free CE Academy, we will build; the concepts of chiropractic, the value in what chiropractic does for patients, our purpose with in the profession, and our procedures and communication with patients.

The Purpose Of The Course

There is a general lack of understanding within the chiropractic profession regarding the scientific evidence, as well as the clinical protocols, that support chiropractic as an option for the management of visceral conditions. This course is designed to increase both the competence and the confidence of the chiropractor with respect to managing the visceral conditions of their patients.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to provide the scientific basis for the chiropractic management of visceral conditions that occur as a result of subluxation. It includes a basic overview of the science of chiropractic practice as well as a review of specific conditions. Using anatomy, neurology, clinical treatment protocols, and documented research, this course provides a rationale for chiropractic management of visceral conditions.

Our Mission

The mission of AMC Free CE Academy is to empower chiropractors through research, education, and unparalleled presentations to improve the lives of their patients and the health of their communities.

Our Speakers

Experts in the Field of Chiropractic

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Montgomery, AL August 8-9

Philadelphia, PA August 15-16

Columbia, SC August 22-23

Houston, TX September 26-27

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